Wednesday, 2nd September 2015


expansys2.jpgCommercial Feature

Not long ago, a mobile phone could be used for two purposes: talking, and texting. And that was it. Now, lets consider some of the things that todays multipurpose, multimedia, multitasking smartphones can do, thanks to their hardware, built-in software and downloadable apps.

They can be used as satnav devices. They can send and receive emails from multiple accounts. They can take high-resolution photographs of a standard that, a few years ago, was the stuff of dreams for many digital camera manufacturers. They can record video of such high quality that well-known film directors have made short films using mobile phones. Among these films is The Commuter, starring Dev Patel, Charles Dance and Pamela Anderson, which was shot entirely on a Nokia N8; and Night Fishing, a 30-minute Korean horror movie that was filmed on an iPhone and ended up winning an award for best short film at the Berlin Film Festival. 

Then theres Facebook accessibility (some phones now come with their own dedicated Facebook button like the new HTC Salsa), games (soon to be released is a mobile phone thats also a Playstation), high-quality music, radio, web-browsing, useful business tools such as flight departure and arrival information: all these things are available almost instantly, and the ability to switch between them smoothly and seamlessly is the hallmark of todays smartphones. And get this: theres now an iPhone app which will photograph a wine label, check it against a vast database of wines, and tell you all about it grape type, country of origin, vineyard, tasting notes, the lot. Clever.

Also, lets not forget the smartphones primary purpose to make phone calls. At this, they excel, delivering remarkable clarity of sound, and now, increasingly, the ability to make video calls (once the stuff of comic-book fantasy).

So whether you opt for a BlackBerry, an HTC, an iPhone, a Nokia, a Motorola, a Samsung or whatever, thanks to the pace of innovation driven by the remorselessly competitive market in smartphones, the quality of phones available at retailers such as Exapnsys is simply breathtaking.