Sunday, 30th August 2015

Learn about Consumer Reward Programmes online

Commercial Feature

Do you love shopping and frequenting the high street stores? As much as you love the things you buy, you probably don’t like the damage it does to your bank account. Fortunately, this is where Adaptive Affinity comes in.

Yes, you did want those new pair of shoes but the thought of how much they cost makes you sick to your stomach. Savvy shoppers are learning that the best way to save on their favourite stores and services is by signing up to online reward programmes.

Statistics of UK shopping habits are staggering. They reveal that even when we do have the chance to save on things, we often don’t. As a result, we are spending in excess!

According to a poll conducted by, 78 per cent of respondents “threw away money vouchers” while 43 per cent had knowingly accepted high bank charges.

This survey revealed the UK market has an inability to take advantage of savings even when they are directly in front of them. The reason might be because they haven’t taken a good look at where everything is going.

British consumers, arguably, need a lesson in savings. Perhaps they haven’t yet found a service that can help them see where their pounds are going.

Many people have already discovered that a great way to keep on top of savings is through discounts offered online. If you take advantage of discounts and reward programmes then you will always end up with more money to spend.

The fact is that money is tight these days. According to research by, shoppers are expected to spend around a fifth less on Christmas presents this year as they did in 2009. If you want to be able to buy more than others, then you probably need to be more resourceful with your spending.

There are always ways to get around paying the top prices and this can be found by going online. Many new online services are giving customers the chance to save money through rewards and discount shopping programmes.

If you are the kind of person who likes shopping at the best stores then you should take advantage of online services that offer discounts. This is a great way to get a high quality product and not completely destroy your budget. Also, the more money you save, the more products and services you are able to buy.

One online company, Adaptive Affinity, is based on money-saving discount rewards along with credit protection services. It offers customers the Rewards Now discount shopping programme.

Through registering with Adaptive Affinity, customers receive discounts on a wide range of UK designer brands, holidays and financial services. With Rewards Now, members can get sales and discounts online.

Adaptive Affinity’s High Street Max allows members to save money on many well-known high street and online shops and services while shopping online. For a monthly subscription fee, members have immediate access to its discount programme and the variety of discounts it provides whether they are online discount codes, printable coupons or vouchers that are redeemable over the phone.

In addition to taking advantage of reward programmes offered online, consumers may be interested in other services that can be found over the Internet. With the credit crunch, many may appreciate online services that help generate quick credit scores and reports.

These financial services will analyse your payment history, the amounts you owe and the kind of credit you have acquired. Then, companies such as Adaptive Affinity will give you a free Callcredit credit report and access to your Callcredit credit score.

Credit score services also allow customers to track any suspicious activity on their credit file, which helps prevent becoming a victim of identity theft.

So, if you were unsure how you might go about saving on your shopping this holiday season, then go the online route. Through savings, you will be able to see how far your precious pounds can go. There are many reward programmes and financial services available to the UK public to help with savings.

Through these reward programmes you can purchase all your favourite products and services and spend half the price. Many services offer popular high street brands where you can find quality products at a discounted price.

All you have to do is sign up with an online service and you can get started with your savings. Reward programmes are an easy way to see how to save and still buy your favourite products.